378Media is the media production company of Latitude 37.8 High school. 378Media was founded to amplify student voice and share perspectives of Oakland youth.
Oakland Changemaker Archive
The Oakland Changemaker archive is a project run by 9th graders at Latitude 37.8 High School. We capture stories of powerful changemakers in our community to amplify their impact. Those stories are captured in our annual changemaker book that we publish. Also, changemakers are featured on our web archive with a feature story, audio story, and a photojournalism piece.
Latitude High School
I am the Director of Instruction and founding humanities teacher at Latitude 37.8 High School in Oakland. We open in the fall of 2018.
Twilight: LA
Students produced, directed, designed and staged the Anna Deavere Smith play Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992. Making use of their learning from our study of race in American history, students used immersive theater techniques to present their work.
ReVision Project: a new university
Students designed a university for the City of Chula Vista. They presented their work to local architects, architectural engineering students at Cal-Poly SLO, and city planners at the City of Chula Vista.
ReVision Project
The ReVision Project was a consultation and design firm founded by two teachers and 52 students at High Tech High Chula Vista. We used our design experience to reimagine spaces in the county of San Diego. Our ten clients ranged in scope from an entrepreneur to established non-profits in the city. We built an out door cafe in City Heights, re-designed and refurbished a food pantry in Chula Vista, and applied for a national creative place making grant.
Learning through REAL Projects
From 2013-2015, I worked at the Innovation Unit in London, England. While there, I supported their education portfolio which included supporting the development of Learning through REAL Projects in over 30 British schools. Additionally, I closely supported School 21 and designed the curriculum for Rising Academies in Sierra Leone.
The Laramie Project
With my after school theater program, I produced, directed and staged The Laramie Project.
California Bear Proposition Mural
The project was structured around the California propositions system, integrated with literary analysis of some core texts which were themed around challenging government, (Orwell’s 1984 and Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451). The project also involved learning about graphic journalism to tell a story effectively, with the final aim of the project to create a mural in this style which would be publicly displayed and installed at our school.
Living in the Shadow
Students created written and visual components that revolve around how society and media impacts youth. The stories give insight into situations where teens are faced with issues of their own identity. While some stories are fictional, others are based on personal experiences. The book is a collection of emotional narratives which takes the reader into the into the everyday lives of teens.
The Crucible
A study of outliers of the human body and outliers in society. The products were all a part of a production of The Crucible. The set, costumes, lighting, and props were all displays of biology and humanities content knowledge.
Accept me for who I am
This project is a graphic novel that has three separate stories. These stories discuss bullying, Don't Ask Don't Tell, teenage pregnancy, and more. Seventy-five students worked collaboratively on the writing, design and creation of this product.
Gender Secrets Project
This project asked "how are teenagers impacted by societal views on gender?" This project was designed for students to demonstrate their beliefs on gender stereotypes and give multiple audiences a glimpse into the minds of teens and how they view stereotypes in their daily lives. This project was inspired by the post secret art project.
Wall of Resistance
A study of US military conflicts in the 20th and 21st century. This project was completed in U.S. History, American Literature, and Biology.
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